Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun Times...

Fun times are upon us. I just got back from a mall where I met WWE announcers Jim Ross (JR) and Lillian Garcia. They were very nice and were in town to promote Wrestlemania 24 tickets going on sale. Wrestlemania will take place on March 30th at the Citrus Bowl and tickets go on sale Saturday.I plan to have mine on Thursday from the presale.The bottom line is... come Sunday,there won't be a ticket left. I'm looking forward to it, but I won't weight the entire blog down with wrestling.

Earlier today I had my one year evaluation with my company and in addition to saying very nice things about me, they decided to give me a raise. I was expecting a small raise, but this was a bit more, so that was nice! More than anything, it makes me feel justified in moving here.
My only complaint about work was the pay and since that area looks to be improving, I'm happy all the way around.

Last Thursday we embarked on a road trip to North Carolina to see Whitney and Graham and attend their Halloween party. Mary and I went as Wario and Princess Peach. The party itself was fun, but I think we had more fun just hanging out with them. We wish we could have stayed longer, but thats the way work is sometimes. We got a break from the ever beautiful tropical weather here and experienced "real" weather up there. It felt nice to
be in a cool rain.
It made me miss home a little, but then I remember that those cool rains turn cold and last for months... Mary and I really enjoyed the time together on the road as well. It helped us refresh our batteries and feel even more connected to each other. We made a stop off in Jacksonville on our way back to hang out with Annie and Billy, or Bannie. Annie was kind enough to make us supper and we watched her Sox destroy the Rockies. I didn't want to leave there either, but we carried on and made it home safe. This was our second trip to Annie A's apartment. On our first we ended up going to the beach, playing some games, and watching Florida get beat by Kentucky. Also a fun time.

This weekend we also plan to see the Abbots, as they come visit us for the weekend. We decided to hold off a bit on taking Annie to the Happiest Place on Earth. We will probably do that next month so Bannie can see the Christmas deco. However, we will try to find some drinks and fun around that area this weekend.

Speaking of drinks, we went out last
Wednesday night to celebrate Krystal's 21st B-day
with some of the BWP crew. It was an interesting night of birthday cake, panhandlers, and the backseat of our car never being the same again... We'll just leave it at that... If you want to know more, just ask...

Well, I think I have fulfilled my contractual obligation and have run out of things to write about. Holla.


Friday, October 12, 2007

The first for our "Family" Blog

So, we stole this idea from Annie and Billy, but we think it's a great one.

Since we each have separate MySpace accounts, no one really knows what's going on with us as a family (and because Martin hasn't blog in over a year). So here is the place where you can come and check up on us and how we are doing in Florida.

It's been over a year since we have moved here, and we both just celebrated our one year anniversaries at our jobs. They are both going okay, Martin's better than Mary's, but at least they continue to pay the bills.

We celebrated Martin's 26th birthday by going to Disney World to the food and wine festival at Epcot. We also rode the newly refurbished Haunted Mansion, and it freakin' rocks!

We had a great time eating 'around the world.' We stopped off in Chili first, and ate some amazing food, we also made it a point to try some countries that we didn't try last year, like Turkey and Japan. We have always wanted to try sushi, and we have been told by EVERYONE that it tastes amazing, but we tried to eat it one time at HSU's Food Bazaar and almost puked! But, we figured since this was Disney, we wouldn't get food poisoning, so we picked up a Sushi California Roll in Japan! And to tell you the truth, we both really liked it! It tastes a good on it's own, but add a little soy sauce, and well, we liked it so much we thought about buying some tonight when we were grocery shopping!

In other news, we have also joined a kickball league. Now, most of you know that neither of us were ever really into organized sports, but we thought kickball would be a fun way to hang out with our friends, and maybe do a little exercising. Oh, and did we mention that we also are "required" to hang out in the official kickball bar? Yeah, so there's a little socializing going on as well. We had a "Graffiti Party" at the bar the week before last, and our friend Krystal made my shirt look awesome! Martin is our team coach, and we had our first game last night. We played the league president's team, so we weren't too disappointed to lose 4-0. We had a great time! And, we have sworn we won't lose again. We practice on Sunday afternoons, so maybe we will rock the next game!

We are so excited that Annie and Billy have moved down here, it's going to be so much fun hanging out with them and playing board games again. They are still three hours away, but hey, at least it's not seventeen! We are going to Whitney & Graham's for Halloween weekend, they are having their annual party, and for the first time we are going to get to go! It's great that we have made some new friends down here, but nobody takes the place of our people from home (Whit, Annie, Brandon, Adam). Then there's family. We really miss hanging out with our parents and our siblings. It's amazing but you never realize how much you love your sisters, brothers (in laws) until you can't just show up at their house and make them cook for you. We have both been a little homesick lately and have really been missing our mamas (and Nick and Brad). : ) But, we know we will see everyone at least by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Speaking of, Martin's parents are coming for Thanksgiving and so are Annie and Billy! I can't wait to have a full house for Thanksgiving, and then we will be home three days after Christmas to see everyone else. But, we would LOVE to have people come visit before then, I really wish it was cheaper for everyone to get down this way. But, at least we have the internet and the telephone!

Well, guess that's all for now, feel free to leave comments and such at the bottom, we will TRY our best to update this page weekly so that everyone will know what's going on with us! Love you all and hope to see (anyone!) soon!

Mary & Martin