Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jude's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday (A Party Blog)

"The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ... Come inside, it's fun inside!"

No Beatles song here ... this time it's all about the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! We celebrated Jude's Hot Diggity Dog 1st Birthday Party on May 29, 2011 and we had a fantastic time!

We did the big event in Arkansas, so that took a little planning on my part since we were all the way down in Florida, but overall I think it went over pretty well. I rented a pavillon at Lake Degray and it was simply beautiful!

I Googled many party blogs for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and came across lots of ideas. I decided for us I wanted to do something kind of laid back but still with an overall theme. So, the first thing to decide was the food. Of course, we had to have hot dogs, but what else would work. I like the idea of alliteration for each food so we went with the foods below.

ClaraBell's Cupcakes. I'd like to tell you I made them ... but I didn't! It was Memorial Day Weekend, so I wanted to sort of tie-in the Red, White, and Blue so these cupcakes were perfect from Sam's. I just bought the Mickey Mouse Cupcake toppers to put-on them and it worked great! I also found this Mickey Mouse Cupcake stand for the win!

Donald and Daisy's Dip, nothing surprising here just some knock-off Ruffles and Ranch Dip.

I was on a Trail Mix kick anyway, so Minnie's Mix was Sam's Mountain Mix ... my favorite. :)

Martin (the husband) loves some humus and pita bread. We figured Pete would like it too ...

Yes, those are Mickey Mouse Clubs. We bought pre-made Subs at Wal-Mart and cut them in fourths. They were a huge hit!

I didn't get a good photo of the dogs, but here's one of Jude eating his first one!

Of course, it wouldn't be a party without a birthday cake! I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what type of cake I wanted for Jude's birthday. Did we want Mickey Mouse? The Clubhouse? I sort of thought it might be kind of morbid to EAT Mickey Mouse's head and the Clubhouse was so elaborate. So, I decided that instead we would have ...

OH TOODLES! That's right, we got this great cakemaker in Arkansas to make Jude Toodles. Included was the "tools" the help Jude succeed. The Dinosaur was for his little sit & ride dino he has, the puppy was for Jude's dog Sawyer and then the learning toys are kind of self-explaining. :) I think she did an amazing job on the cake, it came out exactly how I imagined it!

Here's Jude after a few bites of his cupcake ... he wanted to know if Mommy wanted any! : )

I don't know how I didn't get a picture of it ... but inside "Goofy's Goodies" was homemade Mickey Mouse shaped Rice Crispy Treats. I'm so sad I didn't get a photo because I felt like they came out really good. The one advantage of living in Central Florida is that you know at least someone who has a lot of Disney stuff. Luckily it was Jude's babysitter who had a cookie pan that we were able to use to mold the treats into Mickey Ears. The bags were also filled with Mickey Mouse goodies that I bought from the store ... because I only have time for so much! : )

Finally, I made water-bottle labels and I'm attaching them here as well. Word of advice, don't use the sticker paper to adhere these ... they rub off in the water. Next time I'll use paper and packing tape. I downloaded the fonts for free and I also used the ears font to make the banner shown above for Jude's name.

Overall, I was was very please on how the party turned out. Jude had so much fun and I really enjoyed putting everything together. Though, I do hope next year to have a much smaller crowd to plan for (we had 68 people at this event)!

Here's a photo of Jude from his 1st Birthday photo shoot in his Memorial day wear ... just because I think my kid is cute! :)