Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm a loser ... and not in a good way

No theme. No song. Just me admitting to you that I stepped off the wagon, BIG time.


I am steady at 192 .. I need to lose at least 40 lbs by next June, I'd really like to lose 50. I can not be fat in Hawaii. If I'd stayed on plan I'd only be about 20 lbs away by now ... but now I still have my big goal in front of me.

1/2 Marathon Training

I'm only running about once a week. However, I'm really proud of my progress there at least. I'm up to running (or jogging) without stopping for 25 minutes. That's most of a 5k for me, so that's pretty exciting. However, I've got to get going on the longer runs, I've only done 5 miles twice and by this point I need to be doing 7 or 8 miles total.

What Happened?

I don't want to make excuses but a lot of it is time related. Work has been busy, school is always looming in the background behind being a wife and mom. But, I know, in the end that none of those are really good enough reasons. I need to find a way to schedule my time better. I don't like to run with Jude in the jogging stroller because I'm too worried about him to focus on my stride, so I have to wait until Martin is home, the problem with that is that once we both make it home from work, it's well past dark ... We've talked about joining a 24 hour gym, and that may be the solution. I don't know how running on the treadmill will be against running outside. I wonder if it might be easier? I dunno.

Where I am

So, that's where I am. Where I was last time. I've got nothing but the hope that I counted my points yesterday, and, even though I've been terrible for the last month, I pretty much started back this week at 2 lbs up from where I was when I fell off (at one point I was 7 lbs up, so I'm thankful I was able to get that in check!) I'll update next week with my graphic and theme and all that fun stuff, but for now, here's me, admitting that I've failed. And I want to do better.

(In other news Jude is now 18 months. I'm waiting on the 18 month photos we did on Sunday to be finished and then I'll blog about how amazing he is and all the wonderful things he does! I love being his mommy!)