Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a Boy!

There you have it! Baby Downey is a boy and now everything seems a bit more real! : ) Martin is so excited, and I'm getting used to the idea. It was quite a shock to me, but it figures I would be the first woman in my family to have a boy first! The first thing I said to Martin was, "Well, I guess we'll be having another one!" I'll have a lot to learn with a boy and I'm pretty nervous about it all, but I'm excited to venture into the world of boyhood! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

20 Weeks + 4 Days (Halfway there and OAMC)

So, we've made it to middle ground on this baby thing! It's hard to believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy and in just 20 more weeks Baby Downey will be here. According to the latest reports the baby is about the size of a Cantaloupe, which is actually pretty darn big. I have been feeling "Juicy" (Martin's nickname for Lucy/Jude until we know the sex) move around quite a bit, but it's still not hard enough that anyone else can feel it from the outside. Though I think the dog may can hear the baby because he will sit his little head on my belly and then I'll feel the baby move and Sawyer will look up at me with this little confused face ... like "What the crap was that?" It's super cute. I appreciate that Sawyer has taken to sleeping more. It works out well with me because I get home from work and need a nap and he's more than happy to snuggle up with me, maybe it's the colder weather we've had lately, but he's not doing his crazy hyper thing, and I'm relieved because I think I would be way too tired to pull that off right now.

Last Sunday my friend Jenny and I started our plan to do "Once a Month Cooking." We found a great website, Once a Month Mom, where she gives you a set menu, instructions, and plan for each month. The website suggested that we would need to set aside 8-12 hours to cook a months worth of meals (15 recipes all together for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Obviously this is not 30 meals, but you take in account left-overs, eating out, and dinner with friends, and you come up with needing about half the months menus already prepared. Jenny got to the house around 1 p.m. on Sunday and we sorted out all the ingredients and printed all the instructions (Jenny and I had shopped already, picking up things all week, with Jenny picking up most things and then having me look for hard to find items near me). The instructions split us into person "A" and person "B." Which seemed fine at first until we realized that person "A" had a lot more responsibilities. So, we grabbed Martin and had him do all the chopping and storing which helped a lot. We finished up around 11 p.m. that night! It was craziness! We were on our feet most of the time and washed dishes about a million times, but by the time Jenny left there were 15 meals in my freezer, and my kitchen was clean! The funniest part was when we ordered pizza and the pizza delivery lady asked, "Are you baking cookies or something, your house smells so good." I then had to explain to this girl that I was cooking for the whole month, but didn't feel like cooking dinner for the night, hence the pizza! Jenny and I will probably do this again next month, but I feel like we will do a lot more prep work before we get started. I don't think I could spend 10 hours on my feet again, but am looking forward to making more meals to last the month (just with more breaks)!

So, that's about it for now. There will be an update tomorrow regarding "who" Baby Downey is ... I'm ready to know a bit more about my dear little "Juicy."

Update you all tomorrow!